The Year I Learned To Code

Once Upon a time, I took a class. It was called "Introduction to Computational Thinking and Coding" quite the mouthful, I know. It wasn't meant to be anything more than an interesting speed bump on the road to getting a master's degree in education. Instead, it has turned out to be like some crazy Evil Kinevil trick that launched me much further into the world of coding and technology than I ever intended to go.


That picture would be even better if I could photoshop my face on there, but Photoshop is not the kind of technology I have been learning. I started out learning with "Unplugged" activities (see CSUnplugged to learn more), then I learned Scratch, and Processing. That was the end of course 1, and I was hooked. So I moved onto Advanced Computational Thinking and Coding (still a mouthful) where I learned the Arduino IDE using the web editor and hardware set-up basics. That course culminated with the posting of my very own Instructable.

Then I ran out of classes. It's a teacher education program, not a computer science degree. However, I was not to be disuaded from my new trajectory, so herein you will find the recollections of my adventures this summer, when I embarked on an independent study. The intent of this independent study was to increase my knowledge of coding and deepen my knowledge of how to get more women and girls involved in technology fields. I hope you enjoy the rest of my stories, and maybe, just maybe, you'll think it sounds like so much fun that you will find yourself on your own Evil Kinevil rocket ride to who knows where!

I almost forgot to mention, I coded this whole website from scratch using HTML/CSS that I learned from FreeCodeCamp! Enjoy!!

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